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Welcome to Wild Creatives

It's been a long time in the making so we're very excited to share with you our new brand - Wild Creatives!

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What is Wild Creatives?

Welcome to Wild Creatives! Wild Creatives is designed to reconnect people with nature through curiosity, creativity, and exploration. Our mission is to inspire a deeper connection to the natural world while fostering wellbeing and enhancing our understanding of the planet. We offer workshops and products that are designed to help people (re)connect with nature through creative and curious practices.

Our workshops

Throughout Spring and Summer, we're putting on regular nature creativity workshops in Yorkshire, including "An Introduction to Nature Journaling" in some stunning wooded locations. Our sessions are designed to demonstrate the benefits of using creativity and curiosity to connect with nature, learn best practices and meet like-minded people.

Our products

Soon we'll be launching our first range of products that will help you to build a deeper relationship with nature, including our nature journal project books, nature creativity packs, nature connection invitation cards, and more. Stay tuned...

How to get involved now

Here are some exciting ways to get involved with Wild Creatives straight away: 

  • Subscribe to our mailing list to hear our latest news, upcoming workshops, and blog posts.

  • Explore our website to read more about our mission, along with our workshops and products designed to spark your curiosity.

  • Join a Nature Journaling workshop. If you find yourself in Yorkshire, come along to one of our upcoming nature journaling workshops this Spring and Summer.

  • If you're further afield, we have some online workshops and product launches coming soon. Stay tuned for these.

  • Follow us on social media, join the conversation, share your experiences, and stay connected with like-minded people.

We're really looking forward to sharing our journey with you as we grow, and hope that you’ll join our Wild Creatives community to help reconnect people with nature! For any questions or if you'd like to say hi, drop us an email via



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